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    Pitfalls of Job Evaluation Methods: Three methods of evaluating jobs

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    Pitfalls of Job Evaluation Methods

    Three methods of evaluating jobs are

    Point Method.
    Prepare a short description of each method, considering:

    What are the essential weaknesses in each of these evaluation methods?

    Describe a situation in which it would not be effective for the business. For example, when would ranking be either impractical or unfair? When would the point method be too complicated to be effective in evaluating work for creating a salary structure?

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    PITFALLS OF JOB EVALUATION METHODS: Three methods of evaluating jobs

    [Note: The Weakness listed represent answers to the additional questions, such as how "it would not be effective for the business"]:

    1. Ranking.
    According to the HR Guide, "Ranking" is one of the simplest to administer. Jobs are compared to each other based on the overall worth of the job to the organization. The 'worth' of a job is usually based on judgments of skill, effort (physical and mental), responsibility (supervisory and fiscal), and working conditions.

    ? Simple.
    ? Very effective when there are relatively few jobs to be evaluated (less than 30).

    ? Difficult to administer as the number of jobs increases.
    ? Rank judgments are subjective.
    ? Since there is no standard used for comparison, new jobs would have to be compared with the existing jobs to determine its appropriate rank. In essence, the ranking process would have to be repeated each time a new job is added to the organization.

    * Describe a situation in which it would not be effective for the business:
    A ...

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