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Job Evaluation Methods

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What are job evaluation methods? Base on these methods which information about the method you believe is best.? Describe the evaluation method, explain your decision for choosing it, and use specific examples to support your answer.

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Please find below my research on the most common job evaluation methods with their descriptions and examples/steps/activities. I have also included links to learn more about how to cite references in APA format. These can fully guide you in determining the most appropriate way to respond to your homework.

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According to Cardenas, H. (n.d.), the four most common job evaluation methods are the following:
1. Ranking - Among the four methods, the Ranking method is the most well-known since it is the easiest with a technique that compares each job with the others. The jobs are ranked according to common factor(s) and the employees are compensated based on their ranking order. It is very important that the raters be consistently using the same factor(s) as the compensation relies on the ranking order. Oftentimes, jobs are ranked according to level of difficulty. This method is very simple and easy to use but it doesn't address competencies such as job value in the company. According to Singh (2013), Ranking is subjective and this method is difficult to apply in large organizations.

Among the procedures done during the Ranking method are arranging the jobs to importance/difficulty such as from simplest to hardest. Management can use these techniques in doing the ranking :
(a) Using job descriptions for each job to be ranked;
(b) Making group/paired comparisons in which rater compares one job to another similar job when establishing the ranking and the last technique is
(c ) Ranking along a number line in which the jobs are measured in accordance to other jobs in relation to factors such as supervision of subordinates, minimum experience required, ...

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