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    Job evaluation method for the relative worth of a hospital job

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    (Human Resource Administration)
    Use one of the job evaluation methods identified in chapter 11 of the Dessler text (which I have attached) to establish the relative worth of the following hospital jobs:

    FLOOR FINISHER: Operates 19-inch, floor scrubbing machine. Uses various chemicals to remove old finishes from floors and cleans carpets. Uses mops and buckets to clean up residue from floor stripping and applies new finishes. Must have ability to examine old finishes, identify their type, and mix chemical solutions to desired strength to remove old finishes without ruining floor surfaces. Must be able to identify various types of terrazzo and tile flooring composition and use appropriate cleaning agents. Must know several types of polymeric floor finishes and appropriate application to floor surfaces

    Please help complete the following tasks:

    1. Establish the relative worth of these jobs using a job evaluation method and provide a rationale for your conclusions.
    2. Use this information to develop an incentive plan and provide a rationale for your incentive strategies.

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    In my current position, as HR for a small section of a larger organization, I am often involved in how jobs are evaluated. However, all of our jobs are done based on the Classification method. This is a good method, when you have a broad base of jobs to already compare it to. In this situation, I would recommend using the ranking and factor comparison method. This would allow you to better rate the position and provide the appropriate salary for the position. When you use the point method you will need to rate it on four factors and there sub factors.

    Experience 3
    Education 1
    Ability 2
    Fiscal 3
    Supervisory 1
    Mental 3
    Physical 2
    Working Conditions
    Location 2
    Hazards 5
    Extremes in Environment 2

    Granted, these can be further ...

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    Job evaluation methods for the relative worth of a hospital job are determined.