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    Compare and contrast methods of job evaluations

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    Compare and contrast the following methods of job evaluations and include examples that are not the same as in the textbook to demonstrate understanding: Lott, Benge and Multiple Regression. Identify the key differences.

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    Let's take a closer look at the three models, which you can draw on for your for final essay.


    Different models of job evaluations identified different compensable factors is to be able to measure job differences (and job worth) in job rates of pay. Compensable factors are paid-for, measurable qualities, features, requirements, or constructs that are common to many different kinds of jobs. .In fact, to foster the measurement process, pioneers in the development of compensable factors like Lott and Benge developed rating scales. Looking at the methods of Lott, Benge, and Multiple Regressions will identify the difference between the three methods of job evaluations. (http://cc.ysu.edu/~mnwebb/staffing/compensable_factors.pdf).

    In Lott's Point Method, for example, Lott recognized 15 ...

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    The solution compares and contrasts methods of job evaluations.