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Job Description for High School Librarian

Create a job description for a high school librarian. This job description will be based on
data from a completed job analysis at the Online Occupational Information Network.
? Visit the Online Occupational Information Network at http://online.onetcenter.org/
1. Click on the Find Occupations heading.
2. In the field under the Quick Search heading, enter "librarian."
3. Choose "Librarians" from the list of occupations that appear.
4. You will be directed to the Summary Report for this occupation.
Post an original job description for a high school librarian based on the Occupational Information Network librarian job analysis. In a separate paragraph, describe the advantages and disadvantages of having an employee in this job work in a team.

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Position Available-High School Librarian

Local high school seeks to fill the vacancy of head librarian. The position is full time with paid vacation and a full county government employee benefits package.

Requirements/Job Duties
The candidate must have, at minimum, a bachelor's degree from an accredited university. A master's degree is preferred. The candidate must be previously experienced as a librarian (3 years minimum in roles with progressive responsibility) and able to perform the following job functions:

1) Interact well with students, other staff members, and the general public as required to help organize projects and assist in locating library resources.
2) Have excellent written and oral communication skills.
3) Be able to lead a team of 1-2 assistant librarians as ...

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The essay simulates a job description for a high school librarian based upon information found at the department of labor website and others.

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