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Please help to answer these 4 questions for my own understanding.

Why collaborative practice between general education and special education teachers are beneficial?

Why schools should create a professional learning community?

Why PLC's are beneficial to schools?

Why Professional Learning Communities are beneficial to both general and special educators.

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A professional learning community is a powerful approach to staff development as well as a powerful strategy for school improvement and change. It can consist of school administrators, teachers, other staff members, and community members, which come together for one common goal and purpose. Professional learning communities can work together to create more cultural diversity and differentiation among the teachers and their students. As a teacher and collaborator, sharing responsibility for student learning, implementing classroom learning goals, and collaborating with teachers can also help create a professional learning community. Taking a leadership and research role can also provide a librarian the opportunity to lead a team in collecting and analyzing data, developing action items, and ...

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The solution discusses the benefits of having a professional learning community in a school. It also discusses how it is beneficial and why general education teachers should collaborate and work with special education teachers.