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Nursing in community college versus university

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Help with the following:

1. Faculty roles in nursing in a community college versus a university setting.

2. The similarities and differences in the faculty roles.

3. Research on the following elements below:
- Committee assignments
- Teaching load
- Service and professional organization involvement
- Scholarly activities from research to publication to presentation
- Advising and counseling
- Mentoring
- Salaries and benefits
- Contract issues
- Professional development requirements
- Certification requirements and credentials for the job and profession
- Faculty practice expectations

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Committee assignments

Student admissions, progression, retention, curriculum development, and program evaluation are some of the committee assignments for (all) nursing faculty.

Teaching load

In reference to clinical nursing courses, college programs have strict faculty-to-student ratios, set by individual states. One instructor to every 10 or 12 students is typically the ratio.

Service and professional organization involvement

Both community college nursing faculty and university nursing faculty are required to participate in nursing program committees and committees of the larger institution. Reviewing manuscripts for potential publication and providing consultation of staff nurses preparing for professional meetings are ...

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Nursing in community college versus university