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community college education

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Write a paper describing your perception of community colleges in the United States. Include statements related to the following:
a. Who attends a community college
b. Quality of instruction
c. Mission and purpose
d. Breadth and relevance of program offerings
e. Any personal experience with a community college

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a. Who attends a community college

Community colleges are popular with mostly adult students who want to finish their post high school education, without attending a four-year degree program.
A lot of community colleges offer low cost per credit fees which helps the students who cannot afford to go to four year colleges and have more expensive fee rates.
Another benefit of community colleges is that they have flexible schedules. Adult and full time working commuter students can complete associate's degree in two years by taking extended, intensive and weekend classes over a semester, this way they can begin and finish an associate's degree program in two years.

b. Quality of instruction
Good community colleges have good reputable teaching standards. Most community ...

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Nursing education, difference between a community college vs a four year university

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