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Challenges Colleges Face in Recruiting and Retaining Leaders

Can someone explain to me what challenges the community colleges face in recruiting and retaining leaders in the future?

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This particular question is quite interesting and thought provoking. It is also an issue that has been discussed openly in academic circles. Community colleges, by their very nature, have struggled to attract innovative and forward thinking leaders. There are multiple reasons why this is so, so let me provide you with some notes about some of the main ideas, and you can go from there.

1) Community colleges are less prestigious than their university counterparts. Generally speaking, community colleges are two years institutions comprised largely of first and second-year students. They are rarely known outside of their local community, and the structure is different from that of the university. As a consequence, community colleges can have a tough time recruiting quality leaders to guide their institution because their pool of applicants are less than that of a ...

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The following posting discusses the challenges a community college faces in recruiting and retaining leaders in the future.