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    Health Care: Recruitment & Retention Strategies

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    Recruitment and retention issues often challenge health care leaders. To effectively address and manage these issues, administrators and human resource professionals must implement innovative recruitment and retention programming

    "Brain drain" in health care and how to replace the retiring workforce, issue relating to recruitment or retention

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    To stem brain drain in health care it is essential that recruitment should be proactive. If a HCO wants high quality physician, its approach should use multiple channels of recruitment. Just direct mail, job fairs, or journal advertisements are not adequate. Postings on job portals are also not adequate. Top job hunters need to be retained. Also, the physicians of the HCO should be encouraged to generate referrals. The top management of HCOs should target potential physicians and make personal offers to them. Also, the recruitment strategy should be tailor made for specific specialty, experience level, and location for physicians. The current physicians should be provided training for developing networks and generating referrals. To recruit the best physicians, HCOs should develop attractive job descriptions, should respond within twenty four hours to enquiries, and should have an easy application process. The competition for physicians is so great that it is necessary to cast a wide net. In addition, the practice or the HCO that is recruiting should understand and highlight its strong points. it should stress on the competitive advantages of the clinic. Most importantly, the new hires should be ...

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