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    Employers Controlling Benefit Costs

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    I need help and additional information for the following:
    1. How health insurance benefits might impact the organization's overall strategic goal-setting process.
    2. How a business can control its health insurance benefit costs while using the benefit package as a recruitment and retention tool.
    3. Give practical examples and bring in real-life business examples.

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    There are some very good examples that address all three: how health benefits impact an organization, how a business can control costs while also using their health benefit package as a recruitment and retention tool, plus examples reflecting both. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) illustrate how health programs at the workplace can impact health care costs.

    A company that invests in their employees' health can actually lower health care costs, insurance claims, increase productivity and employee retention. Research shows that employees with increased risk factors, such as being overweight, smoking and ...

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    Included are examples of how companies can save money on employee benefits while also using them as a recruiting tool.