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Professional Resume - Macy's

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I just graduated from college and I need help with my resume. I need to work on strengthening my work statements. I work at Macy's. I'm a sales associate.

This is what I wrote on my work experience.

- Promote 8 new products such as new clothes brands on a monthly basis and handle cash register for helping customers in their purchases.
- Work with vendors regarding the product availability as well as the concerned prices.
- Keep track of special orders, damage products and buy-backs.
- Handle complaints of customers efficiently and resolve their problems.
- Process shipping of various products and handle the related information.
- Assist up to 60 customers on a daily basis with providing information on retail products, selling gift certificates and completing rebates.

Can anyone help me strengthen my work statements? Please review each work statement because I want to strengthen these statements with numbers and percentages to show off my accomplishments and results. Please use your own words and your own ideas, do not copy and paste from the internet. Thanks.

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This is a reply to a professional seeking advice on how to transform a resume from a listing of activities into a meaningful series of developmental ideas designed to promote the level of accomplishment instead of providing a listing of activities and responsibilities.

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In today's work place, employers are less interested in what you do from an activity standpoint and more in what benefit and value you can bring to their organization.

Given that, my suggestion would be to take the above items and turn them into value statements: for example,

* what benefit does Macy realize from the promotion of the 8 products above --- try to present in a measurable manner and how it applies to your location;

* what benefit is it to ...

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