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In order to mimic the average time a hiring manager spends on a resume, look at each of the following resumes for about 30 seconds and write down your first thoughts. Then, go back and critique the resumes for improvement, answering the questions below. Download and review the resumes as if you are screening candidates for a variety of possible positions in a large company such as Microsoft.

Make sure to view the resumes in print preview mode, otherwise you will not be able to comment effectively on the resumes formatting.

- Who would you want to interview (but not necessarily hire) based on the resumes?
- Why? Comment on what stands out to you on the resumes; what did you find that could/should be improved on?
- Did your initial take on any of the resumes differ greatly from your observations after you took more time to review?
Please note that the personal information such as addresses and phone numbers have been replaced with fictitious information. This fake information in the resume is not something that makes the resume bad, it has just been changed.

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First thoughts:
Perot Vizonur looks very standard. Just like everyone else. No Typos; very professional but boring.
Eddie Eclectic is a bit plain, but different than the others. Separated work experience and "summer jobs" which is a nice touch.
Art CanVass has taken the time to make his unique and stand out. Has a couple typos on the resume which is unprofessional and shows ...

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