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The Four Types of Resumes or Curriculum Vitae (CV)s

1. The purpose for each type of resume, how they differ, and when you personally would use each type of resume or CV.
2. Identify the primary type of resume and/or CV you expect to use in a job search and career progression.
3. Explain how often a resume and/or CV should be updated.

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There are four major types of resumes: chronological, functional, combination, and targeted. You are expected to create the type of resume as it relates to your experiences working in the industry and corporation.

Chronological resumes: This type of resume lists each job you have held in chronological order (previous to recent). If you have several years of relevant experience, particularly when in your present position, it is good to show the various responsibilities. The chronological resume allows you to highlight your skills and the most relevant job positions you have held throughout your working experience. The resume may require more than two ...

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The article describes the four major types of resumes for example chronological, functional, combination, and targeted. The type of resume relates to the applicant's work experiences in the industry and corporation. Therefore, the applicant must evaluate their work experiences before making a resume selection.