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Curriculum for program center (CTC)

This solution helps to develop a Community Technology Center.

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As you brainstorm ideas related to your CTC, please consider these suggestions for implementation:

1. What community resources will you use to help with the planning of this effort?

As you examine resources, please think about social, financial, intellectual, and emotional stakeholders. Your center will require support in the form of staff and donors. You will also require money from local, governmental, nonprofit, and business sources. You might also consider applying for a grant from the U.S. Dept. of Education or other appropriate sources. You will also require books, computers, paper, desks, furniture, and other equipment for your facilities.

Assistance from local universities and community colleges, businesses, churches, temples, computer and technological firms, military bases, school districts, and other areas might also prove to be helpful.

2- Grants require matching funds (each grant dollar must be matched by money from the community receiving the grant). How will the community generate these matching funds?

Besides seeking donations and grants from local businesses, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, universities, institutions of higher education and vocational schools, fundraisers might also supplement revenue.

3- How will you ensure this is a community-wide effort? ...

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Ideas about a curriculum for program center are given.