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    Special Needs Children Consideration & Creating a Toddler-Friendly Curriculum

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    Could you please provide guidance on how I might add information on special needs children to my business plan and how I will accept them into my daycare facility? Also, how might I create a curriculum for toddlers in an all-day daycare program?

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    Accepting "Special Needs" Children

    Note that acceptance of "Special Needs" kids depends on where you are located in terms of the country, state, or town. For example, an organization in Canada would have different rules or regulations than a business in the UK or United States of America. As a case in point, the State of Wisconsin in the USA says, "Child care providers should never ask specific questions about a child's special needs..." and there are many rules and laws surrounding operation. Therefore, professional legal guidance is advised in terms of how to accept children in a day care facility, so keep in mind that this solution is only a general guide.


    State of Wisconsin: http://ccic.dpi.wi.gov/files/ccic/pdf/together_ch_g.pdf

    Caring for Children with Special Needs - Child Care Law Center: ...

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