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    Educational Theories and Integrated Curriculum

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    I have two questions that I must answer for papers I must write. Any help with the intro's would help. Thanks so much.

    1. How do classical and contemporary educational theories impact the development of appropriate and quality early childhood curriculum?

    2. What are the characteristics of quality programs that integrate curriculum focusing on children with special needs, family interests, and cultural diversity?

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    1. For an introduction for this paper, I would briefly mention the most well-known theorists for early childhood (Piaget, for example). I would then state that although Piaget is the most widely known, there are many other theories, from both historical figures and current researchers, that also apply to early childhood curriculum. I'd point out that no one theory fits every child and every situation, so it is important when developing an early childhood program to take a variety of learning theories into account. For the paper itself, I would select several theories (the number would depending on the ...

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    This answers questions about educational theories and their relationship to the classroom, and characteristics of programs that focus on children with special needs and diversity.