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Designing curriculum for preschool children

I need help building an outline that identifies the philosophies or theories that reflect how one envisions a classroom and curriculum. The age group I have chosen is 3 years of age. The primary focus is on the comprehensivness of understanding the many components that are necessary to consider when designing curriculum for preschool or young child's classroom.

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When designing curriculum for young children it is pertinent to develop their understanding of physical environment and how the world they live in relates to them and their development. Several important theories that are in accordance with this are constructivism, Jean Piaget's theory on child development, and brain-based learning theory. In the following outline I will provide a detailed overview of these theories and the curriculum that educators should design predicated upon the philosophy of these theories.

I. Constructivism

The premise of this theory is predicated on the belief that children learn through their experiences, which construct a child's understanding of their world. Therefore, children must learn from ...