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    Myths - Multicultural Education in Preschool

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    Please describe 3 myths about multi-cultural education in preschool classroom.. As a teacher, how can l dispel these myths by promoting multicultural perspective?

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    Please describe 3 myths about multi-cultural education in preschool classroom.

    There are many myths that exist about multi-cultural education in a preschool classroom. Three examples follow:

    1. Cultures need to be represented as unique ways of living that emphasize the differences from the represented culture.

    We do not want children to develop a "they" view of other cultures. Rather, we hope that they will develop a "we" perspective and consider all people as one human kind. We have seen children exhibit superior behavior over people of different cultures if they cannot relate to that culture specifically. This is exactly what we want to avoid. Multi-cultural education needs to focus on the appreciation of other cultures and help children be aware of the uniqueness of their own represented culture as well. Educators can help by presenting their own class and students ...