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    The Importance of Development Appropriate Methodologies

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    Considering the importance of developmentally appropriate methodologies in respect to learning and to the continued support of preschool and early education programs, what do you think of giving iPads to kindergarten classes or having prom in preschool? Support the argument with evidence to prove the developmental appropriateness or inappropriateness of either. If you had a child in either program, what would you do? In addition, address how programs have the potential to impact classroom support.

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    In considering giving iPads to kindergarten children in a show of continued support of preschool and early educational programs, consider the research done by Kuan (2012) on play, imagination and creativity. Kuan in his research identified "the ultimate goal for education is to help students ...

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    This solution discusses the importance of utilizing developmentally appropriate methodologies in the classroom, with respect to creating an optimal supportive learning environment in preschool and early education programs.