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    Business Processes and Information Systems

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    Define a business process and give an example.
    Include a sentence or two on what you think about these methodologies.
    Be sure to reference the researched methodology.
    Provide a brief explanation of the relationship between business processes and information systems.

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    A business process can be defined as a collection of related, well defined and structured set of tasks or activities which servers a specific goal for a particular niche market or customers. Business dictionary defines it as "a series of logically related activities or tasks (such as planning, production, or sales) performed together to produce a defined set of results" [1].

    A business process model or methodology, on the other hand, is a framework for creating economic, social, and/or other forms of value. An example could be the actions involved in processing a customer order from an internet-based mail order company [2].

    - Starting with a customer placing an order (the customer need)
    - Send IT-based information to the warehouse stock picking
    - ...

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    This solution defines business processes and explains some of the different process methodologies, such as, IDEF and Six Sigma. The solution provides a complete list of sources for further investigation into the topic.