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    Changing business processes

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    Describe the challenges that an organization will face when changing business processes and how information systems support business process.

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    When changing business processes, the challenges faced are as follows (Dr. Bharti Venkatesh, 2013):
    ➢ There is the reaction of the employees to consider
    ➢ The reaction of the businesses the company interacts with
    ➢ Hardware and software compatibility is a key factor.
    ➢ Having the financial resources to keep up with changing technology
    ➢ Training employees to the higher skill levels needed
    ➢ Hiring skilled employees
    ➢ Fast changing ideas and feelings of the consumer
    ➢ Unstable ...

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    Approx 100 words and 3 references are provided. Challenges are listed as to what an organization will face when change occurs in business processes. Covers how IT support business.