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    The importance of business process management

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    In this writing assignment, you will explore how organizations use business process management (BPM). Write a one page
    (250-word) paper explaining how organizations use business process management (BPM) and address the following in your paper:
     What is business process management (BPM)?
     Why do processes need management?
     What are BPM activities?

    Please reference any sources used (paraphrased and quoted).

    Thank you

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    Business process management is essentially the method by which organizations increase the efficiency and effectiveness by which organizational, or business processes are carried out within the organization. Business process management is not a static concept but a dynamic concept, due to the fact that business process management is a continual process that helps organizational leadership to be able to continue to increase the effectiveness of organizational processes and ...

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    This solution describes the importance of business process management for organizational improvement.