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creating a successful business

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Many industries in America have learned the importance of Quality.

In the past, what did and didn't happen to the American companies (ex. Japanese companies success ) ? Why is quality so important?

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One of the most important elements in creating a successful business is having happy, satisfied customers that keep coming back. Satisfied customers recommend your product or service to family, friends, and associates. This can be achieved by the customer driven quality.
"Quality" is continually evolving, an emerging consensus includes Continuous Improvement and Learning: Continuous improvement and learning refers to both incremental and "breakthrough" improvement, and applies to both the individual and organizational levels. Improvement and learning can be directed toward better products and services, to better processes, and to being more responsive, adaptive, and efficient.

A "quality culture" demands:

* That companies and individuals within that company deliver on their promises - both stated and implied promises
* That companies stand behind their promises when something is ...

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The tips for creating a successful business are included. What happened to American companies and why it is important to qualities are determined.