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    Cultural differences myths

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    Can you please give me 3 or 4 ways that as a preschool teacher I can teach young learners about diversity, and what strategies can be used to dispel the myths of cultural differences?

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    This Web site: http://www.preschoolrainbow.org/multicultural.htm has some wonderful, simple ideas to promote multicultural diversity in the pre-school classroom. I liked this site's ideas the best of all the ones that I checked. I especially like the first one about passports. What a neat idea! And it is an idea about diversity that is not likely to offend anybody - which can be an issue.

    This site lists a number of other simple-to-do ideas on the same page - look them over and see if any others are good ones to use. These just give you the idea, and you can develop the lessons any way you like - I like the flexibility of that, rather than cookie-cutter, every-step-spelled-out plans. With the idea, I can use what supplies and materials I might have access to in my own classroom to meet the learning objectives, instead of stressing about getting specific supplies spelled out in the plans.

    Another site that had some ideas I liked for lessons on diversity in the pre-school classroom was this one:
    I copied and pasted here the three they listed:
    Activities for Preschoolers

    Skin-Color Match-Ups

    Set out a number of nylon knee-high stockings in various shades, tan, black, white, pink, yellow, and red. Encourage children to try them on their hands and arms or their legs and feet. Ask questions to help the children increase their awareness of skin color. For example, ...

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    Lesson and activity ideas for multi-cultural lessons for very young children, with Web-based reference site URLs.