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Accredidation standards

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Using Table 12.1 from Chapter 12, choose five accreditation standards that are most important to you in determining a quality preschool. Explain why you think these are the most important. Be specific to the focus area and explain how you would identify this in a preschool setting.

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The five accreditation standards that would determine what would be considered a quality preschool are as follows.

Under the focus children one that would stick out to me would be health. If you visit a location and there is dirt on the floors, or a distinct smell, no one will want to bring their children to that type of environment each day. If there is a constant issue with children going home sick, or being ill, parents will be turned off and pull their children from the facility. This is one of the easiest aspects to recognize, because it is visual and olfactory. The importance of maintaining a clean facility is immense and should be held to the highest standard by the employees as well as the leadership in the preschool.

Under the focus staff, standard number six titled teaching staff is also a very important part of determining a quality preschool. This is something that should be initiated during the interview process. Teachers should be quality educators will all of the training and background checks needed. Teachers should also have a rapport with the students that is noticeable. Parents should ...

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Accreditation Plan and ACA Guidelines.

The American Correctional Association requires performance-based standards that focus on actual compliance with expected practices. There are 7 functional areas:

- Safety
- Security
- Order
- Care
- Program and Activity
- Justice
- Administration and Management

Address each functional area listed above in an accreditation plan for a correctional facility of your choice by responding to the following question for each of the 7 functions:
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Create your accreditation plan addressing all of the 7 functions.
4. How will you fulfill the requirements for each function as required by the American Corrections Association?
5. What are the 3 most significant challenges that you will face to obtain accreditation for your facility?
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