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    Curriculum Standards

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    I have found an interview, on the internet, which I would like to use with "Cathleen P.", which I have attached as a Podcast.

    Can someone help me to create an outline of what the important topics are and create a critique that you would make being a teacher?

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    Hello! Please find the solution to your problem down below.

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    Question #1: How do you voice (?not sure of this word; not clear) standards in teaching?
    ? By designing Curriculum
    ? Teachers should teach according to the standards.
    ? Teaching the standards is different from aligning teaching with the standards.
    Question #2. How to word teaching objectives according to the standards
    ? Look at the list of standards but also consider the indelible content
    ? Example: if the standard is "Proportion", the objective is not only "to teach direct proportion but also inverse proportion"
    ? Content should resemble the standard
    Question #3. How to measure standards accurately and why it is important
    ? Collecting data is difficult; some data are broad, you need to break them down
    ? Classroom instruction and ...

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    An outline of an interview with a Curriculum Director. It touches on popular issues regarding standardized tests, such as the importance of standardized test, its purposes, its advantages and disadvantages, how to design curriculum, and whether it is in conflict with the teachers' academic freedom in the classroom.