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key players in curriculum development and management

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Identify key players in curriculum development and management . Describe the role each member plays and the influence they have on the curriculum.

The key players are
Federal Government, state, district, school, teacher, community

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Federal Government:

The Federal Government via the Department of Education establishes standards for all of the states to abide by. These standards are rather loose, but they establish a set of standards for each state to determine and implement through their own state departments of instruction. The Federal Government creates laws for achievement that each state meets in its own way through its own tests. Specifically, the Federal Government creates laws and includes measurement standards that the states utilize. The Federal Government, especially in this era, uses research-based educational strategies to determine curricula and effective mechanisms of teaching to the curricula.

Each state establishes a curriculum that follows the laws of the Federal Government. Each state creates a Standard Course of Study of objectives that are used for teachers to teach. Each state also has a certain amount of standardized assessments, ...

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