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Learning theorist and their influence on curriculum planning and design

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I need resources, articles, peer reviewed,& research articles on the following topics.

1. 'Conduct a literature search on various learning theorist and their influence on curriculum planning and design' (last half of 20th century theorist) if possible in nursing curriculum.

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I've put together a set of reference books and few articles. You will also be able to use the references given at the end of these books and articles for further literature survey.
Good luck!

Curriculum Development and Evaluation in Nursing
By Sarah B. Keating
Published 2006
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

This text covers the application of theories and concepts that are fundamental in developing, revising, refining, and evaluating curricula. Specific chapters are devoted to the various levels of nursing education, i.e. ADN, BSN, entry level Masters, specialty and advanced practice masters, and doctoral programs. Additional chapters are geared towards staff development and patient education.

2. Inquiry Based And Problem Based Learning: How Similar are these Approaches to Nursing and Medical Education?
Author: Grahame Feletti a
DOI: 10.1080/0729436930120203
Published in: Higher Education Research & Development, Volume 12, Issue 2 1993 , pages 143 - 156
-- ...

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This solution provides a detailed literature search on various learning theorists.