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    Curriculum, Intruction and Assessment

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    What is your vision of the way schools should be structured regarding curriculum? Instruction? Assessment?

    Discuss how you will evaluate your learners and how you will know when your students have learned.

    How will these philosophical beliefs influence your work as an educator?

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    Curriculum's should be structured according to how students can best be served in regard to future skills for life as well as skills for the job market. Curriculum's must be centered on the children's best interests involving the planning and participation of the faculty as well as administrators. A good curriculum will possess the necessary learning material that teaches students with development appropriate practices (DAP). Therefore, curriculum's should be designed in accordance with the particular students' age group in mind that ensures that the curriculum is based upon these students' needs.

    I will focus on a curriculum for students in elementary or primary school as it is known in academia. A curriculum in primary school should focus on the early learning necessities of children in this age group who are beginning to engage in higher levels of education from per-kindergarten. Therefore, an emphasis on Math, English, and Speech would be the tenets of my curriculum to ensure that these students have a good grasp of the necessary course material that will follow them throughout their academic career.

    When designing a curriculum, much preparation and collaboration is necessary to ensure that the curriculum is indicative of the proper and necessary information that will allow the children to succeed. ...

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