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Educational Assessment: English Curriculum

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Design an assessment and evaluation plan for high school in English Curriculum.
Using Kirkpatrick's level of evaluation the evaluation plan should include tools used for assessment in level and content area.
The tools and the plan should be guided by a curriculum evaluation model.
Explain your rationale for using the model
Describe the evaluation model chosen and its directives.

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Step 1
The assessment plan for high school in English Curriculum will have the objectives of evaluating if the grade level subject matter has been delivered successfully. The high school students must feel that the English Curriculum was a valuable experience, their knowledge of, skills, and abilities in English language have increased, that the students make use of correct English language when speaking, and writing, and the high school students use correct and effective English in written and spoken communication in other courses.

Step 2
We use Kirkpatrick's level of evaluation and include tools used for assessment in level and content areas.
Level 1: Reaction: For this level the assessment and evaluation tool will be a questionnaire that will ask them about their experience. They will be required to respond to questions such as how valuable the teaching was, what additions should be made to the curriculum, and how was the teacher? High school students are mature to answer questions of this nature.
Level 2: Learning: There will be a pretest before the curriculum is introduced and there will be a post test after the curriculum is over. The test results will be ...

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This solution explains evaluation and assessment plans for high school English Curriculum. The sources used are also included in the solution.

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