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ELA initiatives

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Briefly analyze the significant legislations that you have discovered in your readings and research.

2) Use the Internet and/or the GCU eLibrary to research at least three states' voter-driven initiatives/laws relating to English language learner issues.

3) In your analysis, include a comparison of the laws and an explanation of the challenges and benefits of state voter-driven initiatives/laws that are related to English language learner issues.

4) Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines

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Name at least three states' voter-driven initiatives relating to English language learners.

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The first U.S. Supreme Court case to involve schools and students learning in other than English was Meyer v. Nebraska (1923), in which a Nebraska law, which prevented the teaching of curriculum in any language other than English, was struck down as unconstitutional. Supreme Court Justice James C. McReynolds wrote that "the protection of the [U.S.] Constitution extends to all, to those who speak other languages as well as to those born with English on the tongue" (Walsh, 2009). With this decision, the principle that parents have a constitutional right to influence the education of their children was legally established.
English Language Learners (ELLs) are the fastest growing group of students in U.S. public schools, (Jenkins, 2008). This fact creates challenges for administrators, teachers, parents and researchers in regards to which methods are most appropriate for teaching, testing, assessing and supporting these students. According to the Census Bureau report from 2006, immigrants comprise one of every eight U.S. residents, 23 percent of all children. Several states seem to have a larger population of immigrants than others and voters have attempted to address this complex issue by passing laws that effect the educational investment their schools are being forced to implement.
In the state of California, ELL ...

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