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    Lesson Planning to meet curriculum standards

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    Brief discussion of planning lessons based on meeting curriculum and literacy (ELA, math, technology) standards.

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    The modern educator's lessons are driven by local state and national curriculum standards, by subject - usually with additional literacy standards in English language Arts and Mathematics. These standards spell out in some detail what learners in that particular age group should be addressing (be able to do, explain and perform) in that subject area. There can be no justification for teaching content that does not address one or more of these standards. Teachers therefore must design all lessons delivered to students after consulting the relevant learning objectives contained in these curriculum standards.

    Exemplar teachers also vary lessons to address various learning styles, so that lessons are varied in style, presentation and practice, and therefore more ...

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    The Solution provides a short discussion of teacher lesson planning for learners based on curriculum standards and literacy (math, ELA and technology) standards.