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Curriculum development for language acquisition

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Development of Curriculum

Develop curriculum content that implements strategies and methods that enhance language acquisition. Select a specific developmental level for your unit of study. In a narrative format, you will identify and discuss the topic areas listed below, referencing your textbook and three additional scholarly resources.

Grade or developmental level being addressed
Strategies and methods
The theoretical perspective you will use to support your choices
The curriculum content you will be using to incorporate your chosen strategies and methods
Modifications for students learning a second language and for students with special needs

This information will be complied into an effective lesson plan format that could be used to instruct a group of students in the age and curriculum content area you have identified.

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Curriculum development for language acquisition - short essay answer

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Dear Student, Please see these links and review them all.
Each one of these authentic links will provide you with enough material to write your assignment in detail. These are your leads and starting points as well as a beginning of your assignment preparation guidelines. Good luck.

Developmental Curriculum

Curriculum development involves knowing the age appropriate and grade appropriate standards, for the subject and course content.
Normally, these are established by education boards at the state levels.
These days, there are sub contracted curriculum formatting organizations which work for the education boards and chart out the curricula following the standards for each subject for each grade and age group of students or learners.

Grade or developmental level being addressed: 1st grade learners ...

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