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Kindergarten Curriculum and Development

1. How can kindergarten curriculum support the appropriate development of language arts and literacy?

2. How can kindergarten curriculum support the appropriate development of mathematics, science and social studies? Address each content area.

I need 200+ words and a resource for each question please. Thanks.

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1 - http://www.ncrel.org/sdrs/areas/issues/content/cntareas/reading/li100.htm

The kindergarten curriculum needs to support the development of students as they move from emergent literacy to conventional literacy and language development. Prior to receiving formal literacy instruction, most pre-reading skills are based on imitation: scribbling general letter shapes, "reading" books while making up words to go along with the pictures, random strings of letters they've learned. As children receive literacy instruction in kindergarten, they learn early reading and writing strategies, such as sight words, phonetics, and invented spellings.

Kindergarten curriculum can support these emerging skills by recognizing that the progress from emergent to conventional literacy is gradual, and not identical for all students. Emergent literacy knowledge is self-constructed; as children learn more about literacy, they change their internal definitions of what the words "reading," ...

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