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    IEP plan for Special Education case student

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    Prepare an outline for an upcoming Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting
    Include measurable goals, objectives, and benchmarks for the student based upon state standards. You must also consider student eligibility, justification for a least restrictive environment, and special accommodations in the outline.

    Consider each of the following stakeholders as you prepare your Pre-IEP Outline:

    o General education teacher
    o Special education teacher
    o Parent
    o District administrator
    o Evaluator

    What is your definition of collaboration? What is the importance of collaborating with parents and professionals in education?

    What is your responsibility as a teacher when providing services to a student with special needs?

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    Where possible, use the language provided in the instructions for your response. This makes it easier for the teacher to home in on the components they are looking for when your assignment is scored, because the terminology is the same. This makes it easier to "check off" that you did everything asked of you.

    OUTLINE for Individual Education Plan meeting for student Debbie

    Participant signatures:
    o General education teacher ________________________________________________________________

    o Special education teacher ________________________________________________________________

    o Parent________________________________________________________________________________

    o District administrator____________________________________________________________________

    o Evaluator______________________________________________________________________________

    Measurable goals
    Debbie's WISC-R Verbal test scores in Comprehension and Similarities will improve to 5 or better on the next re-test.
    Debbie's WISC-R Verbal subject fluctuation scores in verbal comprehension, verbal conceptualization and verbal expression will improve to 7 or better on the next re-test.
    Debbie will demonstrate mastery of Arizona state standards in Mathematics and ELA for first grade by the end of the first grade year.

    To improve Debbie's Mathematics achievement to Arizona state standards.
    To improve Debbie's oral comprehension and verbal expression.

    Benchmarks for the student based upon state standards
    Arizona state standards for Math, first grade, below. Debbie will demonstrate mastery of all Mathematics standards by the end of first grade.
    Arizona state standards for ELA, first grade, include: Reading standards: foundational skills; Writing standards; Speaking and Listening standards; Language standards and Language progressive skills. Debbie will ...

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    Gven a student case scenario, and outline for an IEP meeting is provided as a suggested model response, taking into account the information contained in the case study, and considering all stakeholders who will attend the IEP meeting for this child. Also discussion of collaboration between school professionals.