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    Assessing and addressing students with learning disabilities

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    1.) Explain the purposes, models, methods, and domains of assessment of students with learning disabilities.

    2.) Plan and justify educational interventions for students with learning disabilities

    3.) Address rationale for and the issues of assessment,

    4) Give illustrations adapting instruction to learner abilities, styles and deficits.

    Students are in grades 1-3.

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    1. The purpose of student assessments for special education students in the US is to find the best style and delivery of education for each student. Assessments are done by the classroom teacher, psychologist, parent, administrator and any other professionals appropriate for the student, with his unique abilities or disabilities in mind.

    2. Each student by law must have an IEP (Independent Educational Plan), whereby the classroom teacher includes in lesson plans accommodations for the student, in order for her to learn best within the plan and her abilities

    3. An assessment is done each school year and then after the year to see what mastery has been accomplished and any pending growth areas, to set the stage for the coming school year.

    The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) proclaims the right for all American children, including those with special needs, to receive a free and appropriate public education. It is therefore the duty of the public school to determine what is "appropriate" for a student considering their particular handicap. A "one size fits all" approach to Special Education is an idea of the past.

    An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is a document developed by public schools that presents an academic program that is considered by an interdisciplinary team (called the IEP team) to offer an appropriate educational program for a child with regard to their particular disability.

    The IEP Meeting
    Before a child is placed in Special Education an assessment must be completed to explore the suspected areas of disability. It is important to note that not all students with a diagnosed condition (such as ADHD or Asperger's Disorder) will qualify for Special Education if it can be shown that the child can function adequately in their General Education classroom despite their condition.

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    Assessment of students with learning disabilities is important for developing strategies that adapts to a student's abilities and style of learning.