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Research in Education

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C. Develop an annotated bibliography with 10 relevant scholarly articles, 5 of which are empirical research scholarly articles (i.e., articles where data were collected, analyzed, and results were reported).

Note: You might need to read a large number of abstracts (approximately 20-40) to find the 10 that are most interesting and relevant to your research topic.

1. Include an annotation (suggested length of 1 paragraph to ½ page per annotation) for each of the 10 scholarly articles that includes the following:
a. complete citation in APA style
b. a brief summary of the article
c. identification of the type of article, including the research approach used if it is an empirical article
d. a brief description of the findings
e. a critique of the strengths and weaknesses of the article.

D. Create a research problem (i.e., the educational issue or problem within the broader topic area).
1. Discuss how this research problem relates to your professional setting or field of interest.
2. Discuss how searching the literature and developing an annotated bibliography can help you identify a research problem within a broader topic area.

E. Include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

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Academic Attainment of Students with Disabilities in Distance Education Academic Journal
By: Richardson, John T. E.. Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability, v27 n3 p291-305 Fall 2014. (EJ1048782)

Students with LD are analyzed within this article to ascertain the academic attainment that students have achieved. The article assessed over 196,405 students with and without disabilities who were taking courses by distance learning in Great Britain. According to the results of the study, those suffering from LD fared less than nondisabled students. The reason for this was cited as LD students lacking the necessary accommodations to ensure that they were supported using assistive technology to access the online courses.

Blind and deaf students scored the poorest in regard to academic attainment, and this is because of their inability to receive the necessary support to succeed while engaging in distance education. The goal of the study was to encourage greater funding for assistive technology.

The Effects of Computer Graphic Organizers on the Narrative Writing of Elementary School Students with Specific Learning Disabilities. Academic JournalBy: Gonzalez-Ledo, Mary; Barbetta, Patricia M.; Unzueta, Caridad H.. Journal of Special Education Technology , 2015, Vol. 30 Issue 1, p29-42, 14p

In this research article, researchers utilized a multiple baseline across subjects design. The objective was to analyze the impact that computer graphic organizer programs had on students in the fourth and fifth grade with specific learning disabilities. The subjects of the study were all boys. In regard to the variables in the study, there were four dependent variables measured, which included the use of total number of words, total minutes planning, number of common story elements, and overall organization.

The conceptual design was juxtaposed by intervention planning wherein students were encouraged to use baseline planning. The results for the study were positively correlated in regard to the impact that computer graphic organizers had on improving the SLD learner's productivity in classroom writing. In conclusion, students with SLD showed significant improvements when using computer graphic organizers for narrative writing, which should be incorporated into other classrooms.

An Evidence-Based Analysis of Self-Regulated Strategy Development Writing Interventions for Students with Specific Learning Disabilities. Academic JournalBy: Alharbi, Areej; Hott, Brittany L.; Jones, Beth A.; Henry, Harvetta R.. Journal of Special Education & Rehabilitation , Mar2015, Vol. 16 Issue 1/2, p55-67, 13p Abstract: (English): Background:

Self-regulated strategy development was analyzed in this ...

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