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    Adult Learning

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    I need some assistance formulating my research question for the topic on adult learning. The focus is the challenges adult learners face returning to college those 25 or older to include how they are different than younger learners yet the educational environment instruct using the same methodologies as younger learners that are not working (teacher driven).

    I need help with creating two prototype questions, both dealing with adult learning. The research questions should be labeled as to whether they are quantitative or qualitative and include an explanation as to why your research questions fit the criteria for one vs. the other.

    The study will be qualitative with quantitative attributes meaning it is a qualitative study but will give some statistical information. I need scholarly sources as well.

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    Formulated Research Topic:

    A clear research question is a statement that identifies the phenomenon that is to be examined. The field that this research topic is going to be based on is -adult learning. The paramount areas of the research are inclined towards the challenges that the adult learners encounters in the education system. The area that needs further exploration is the methodology used to educate the adult learners in comparison to the young adults. This research is aimed at filling the gap that exists in the educational system leading to larger understanding of the adult learning realm. The research questions include how they the adult learners diver from to the younger learners and the challenges that they encounter (The Relationship, 2003).

    Research question:

    What are the challenges that are encountered by adult learners with regard of the employed education methodology?

    Quantitative Research ...

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