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Learning styles and the Adult Learning Theory

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A. How can a learning style developed in childhood impact how an adult learns?

B. Describe how your evaluation of the adult learning theory and how you as a teacher would address those characteristics in the classroom.

Evaluate the validity of the adult learning theory and the researchers who have contributed to it.

Learning Objective:
Discuss the concepts involved in the adult learning theory.

Include references

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It is important for teachers to understand the type of learning style a child has. Children learn best when they learn in a way that is most appropriate to them whether they are visual, auditory or kinisthetic learners. If students are not given the opportunity to learn in ways that are most comfortable to them, as they get older they may unfairly wind up being labeled with ADD or another learning disability. If that happens, as a result when these students grow into adulthood they may incorrectly underestimate their abilities and not be able to function properly in the adult world.

Adult learning theory is a range of theories and constructs claimed to relate specifically to how adults learn. It includes self- directed learning. Since this theory includes self directed learning a teacher could address ...

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The following solution discusses the importance of teachers to understand the various learning styles their young students may have and how givng students opportunities to learn in ways that is best for them will shape their later learning. It also defines the Adult Learning theory, the concepts involved, and how a teacher may address the characteristics of this theory when teaching adults. Further the solution discusses conflicting theories about the Adult Learning Theory.

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Once the training analysis is completed, the organization and employee development human resources specialist uses adult learning theories to turn the training needs into training materials, courses, and instructional design.

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