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    Theories of intelligence in adult learning

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    What theory of intelligence do you subscribe to and how how might that theory of intelligence impact you as an adult learner? Please include references in the response.

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    Multiple intelligence is one theory that I agree with. In my opinion, Howard Gardner's theory is the most complex and suggests that there are eight distinct intelligences that explore a person's skills and their abilities within various cultures. The eight intelligences he suggests are (1):

    -Visual-spatial intelligence
    -Verbal-linguistic intelligence
    -Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence
    -Logical-mathematical intelligence
    -Interpersonal intelligence
    -Musical intelligence
    -Intra personal intelligence
    -Naturalistic intelligence

    Robert Sternberg's theory of intelligence is that ...

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    This solution discusses theories of intelligence as related to adult learning, including Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences theory, Robert Sternberg's three-factor intelligence theory and Thurstone's primary mental ability theory, including how to tailor these theories to best suit adult learners.