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    Directive Learning Style

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    1. Decribe directive learning style.
    2. Select two learning theories, one compatible and one not compatible with directive learning style.
    3. Why did you select these two theories?
    4. How does directive learning style influence your teaching style?
    5. What might you do to accommodate the Directive learning styles of learners?

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    Learning styles are simply different approaches to learning. Individuals have many different learning styles. There exist: visual learners, auditory learners, kinesthetic learners, experiential learners, dynamic learners, imaginative learners, analytical learners, common sense learners, and multiple intelligence learners. Every person has a different learning style, and it is a teacher's responsibility to assess what that learning style is and teach the student based on that learning style by using differentiated learning strategies. A person with a self-directive learning style decides to start the learning process, the ...

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    Discusses the various learning theories of cognitive learning, behavioral learning, and constructive learning, as well as the directive learning style and how a person with self-direct learning style teaches.