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    Managing the Virtual Office

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    1. How might the communications needs of a virtual worker differ from those of a more traditional office worker?

    2. Discuss how a manager's style might need to change if he or she supervises a virtual staff.

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    A virtual worker will communicate much differently, working from a remote, rather than on site setting. The virtual worker does not have the ability to speak directly to co-workers and supervisors, in person. Meanwhile, the need for communications still exists. Cellular phones, email and virtual meeting rooms are all means of communication for the virtual worker, who must become comfortable with this type of technology in everyday use. Though the need for communication regarding various tasks or responsibilities does not change, the mode of communication demands that the ...

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    The solution focuses on the methods that are utilized in managing virtual staff. There are many differences that must be considered. Some methods of communication are more suitable and some management styles are more effective.