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    Networks amd Protocols

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    Can you describe a network protocol, and ask two leading questions for the class to
    answer regarding this network protocol. Please provide an answer for both questions you have chosen.

    What types of business applications would you deem important in a business
    office? What types of network servers and resources might be necessary to
    run these business applications?

    Can you describe the difference between virtual private network (VPN) remote access and a dial-up?

    Compose your response to the following scenario: You are managing a project and you have an $850,000 budget. For the project, your resources include four developers and one project manager. You can assume that the average workweek per person is 40 hours and that the developers earn $30 per hour while the project manager will receive $50 per hour. Without knowing the deliverables, estimate how long you can keep these resources with the budget you have.

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