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    Virtual vs Face-To-Face Teams

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    Discuss the primary differences between face-to-face and virtual teams. Explain why the Aberdeen model can or cannot be implemented in other organizations that rely heavily on virtual teams.

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    //As per the directions, we will discuss about the difference between Face-to-Face team and Virtual team. In this part, we have to first of all, understand that how both the teams render best results to the Company. So, we will discuss this topic under the heading of the difference, for example: //


    The decreasing fixed office hours of virtual teams have improved the work life of these teams. These teams save cost and reduce travel time. Virtual team avoids the higher cost of premises. The approach of working is flexible. The presence of all the people and team members is not mandatory for communication. The communication can be done by the means of communication technology. Large numbers of minds are associated to solve a particular problem. It is possible for virtual team to work 24/7 hours (Working with ...

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    This solution discusses the difference between Face-to-Face team and Virtual team. We first look at how the use of both types of teams render best results to the Company. We also discuss the Aberdeen Model and its benefits, ie. why it is being adopted by the Green River Plant. This solution is 362 words with two APA references.