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    Virtual Team & Face-To-Face Team

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    Compare and contrast virtual teams and face-to-face teams by considering the advantages and disadvantages of each. Discuss examples of each type of team from references and your personal experience.

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    //Team in any Organization plays a vital role in determining its success. Two major forms of teams are usually found, which include: 'Virtual teams' and 'Face to Face teams'. To better understand the concept of Virtual teams and face to face teams, I am providing the Compare and contrast among them in the following manner://

    Difference between virtual team and face to face team

    On the basis of advantages

    The work life of the virtual teams is increased with the help of decreasing fixed office hours. The travel time is also reduced by these teams. These are cost saving teams. The higher cost of the premises is avoided by the virtual teams. The work ability of the virtual team is flexible. The communication can be done if the people and the team members are not ...

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