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    Discuss the primary differences between face-to-face and virtual teams. Explain why the Aberdeen model can or cannot be implemented in other organizations that rely heavily on virtual teams.

    Use the course material and other materials (e.g., articles, books, journals, etc.) to support your argument. If applicable, include your own personal experience to also support your argument. Use the APA guidelines when citing and referencing your sources.

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    //Before writing about the difference between face to face and virtual teams, we have to understand the basic concept of each team. We should know each type of team effectively. So, firstly we will write about the face to face team and virtual team under the heading of Introduction, for example:


    An organization involves various types of teams to perform the operations of the business. The team in the organization is developed on the basis of the purpose, constitution and the power in the organization. Mainly there are four types of teams, which are constructed in an organization. The following are the main type of teams in an organization -

    Problem solving team - The problem solving team is also known as the corrective action team. It is constituted to solve the specific problem in an organization.
    Cross functional team - To constitute this type of team, its members are drawn from the different functional areas. The main objective of this team is to solve the problems, which can not be solved by a single functional department.
    Self managing team - These types of teams are also called as the self directed team. It is constituted to share the various functions of management and leadership. The team members are responsible for their goals and inspection of their own work (Harris & Hartman, 2001).
    These all teams are considered as the face to face teams in an organization. The other type of team is virtual team. It is different from the above three teams.

    Virtual team - Virtual team is the different type of team; in it the members don't have a face to face interaction with each other. They use computer technology to Achieve a common objectives. It also works as the other team does.
    //Above we discussed the different types of team to understand their objective in the organization. Now as per ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1208 words with references.