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Discussion of learning and performance

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A. Describe the concept of learning.
b. Distinguish between learning and performance.
c. Compare and contrast the conceptual approaches to the study of learning.

This information is for a paper I need to write. Please help me with 150-200 words for each question, but I do need for it to be specific. Information will be based on the chapter attached. Thanks

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Information on learning
a. Describe the concept of learning.
Learning is the ability to take in new information and be able to do something with it. Taking in information is only part of learning; once the information is entered then it needs to be interpreted, processed, stored and retrieved appropriately. Part of learning is that we are able to categorize information to be recall properly at a later date and time. Unique to learned information is that it is accessible through all five senses. We are able to learn through sight (observation), smell, touch, hearing (listening), and taste. Information comes in the form of skills, attitude, and behavior. In order for the information to be truly learned the skills, attitude and behavior has to change. There is no way to measure new learned information if there is no change in the output (behavior). Observable behavior is ...

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This solution discusses learning and performance and the similarities and differences between the concepts. Theories of learning are also discusses and a chapter is provided by the student with more information. The text contains 545 words.

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