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    Balanced Scorecard Case Study

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    Prepare an analysis of how Futura Industries implemented the balanced scorecard and its apparent effects. Please go to the link below:


    The analysis should be structured as follows:

    Introduction: Why did Susan Johnson, Futura's President, emphasize the learning and growth perspective over the other balanced scorecard perspectives?

    Analysis: What specifically does Futura measure, and what types of measurements do they use to evaluate the company's learning and growth?

    Conclusion: Do you think these measures capture the full dimensions of the learning and growth perspective as explained in the background materials from this module as well as previous ones? Support your answer with examples and citations.

    Evaluation: What is your evaluation of Futura's approach? Does it make good business sense or do you think it could cause problems for the company? Agree or disagree with the issue, then defend your position. Was the implementation done well or poorly?

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    The following document provides a good start to the analysis. I have included points of discussion, the conclusion and started the evaluation section. The conclusion ties together the points of discussion.


    Like many organizations, Futura has chosen to use the balanced scorecard for a number
    of reasons. The balanced scorecard (BSC), helps organizations improve functioning in many
    areas. It can help identify areas that need improvement and can show an organization where
    it is most successful as well. For Futura, financial controls, quality control and customer
    service areas have already shown at least satisfactory performance (Gumbus & Johnson, 2003).
    This is one of the reasons President Susan Johnson has decided to focus on the organization's
    employees. Johnson realizes employees make the company what it is and share much of the
    responsibility for its success. "Recent estimates suggest that upwards of 80 percent of value
    created in modern organizations is generated by what is referred to as 'intangible assets' -
    principally the knowledge and talents of people operating in alignment with the company's
    overall strategy" (Niven, 2010). It makes sense to focus on measures of learning, innovation
    and growth. If these areas are strong, performance in other areas should also be strong.

    Measuring Learning, Innovation and Growth

    Point 1. Futura uses turnover rates to measure its ...

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    This solution provides a practical application of the principles of the balanced scorecard, within a specific business case or scenario. It explains how the principle is applied and the benefits of the concept for the business in the specific case.