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BAA Customer Perspective Balanced Scorecard

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Using the resource below compare the scorecard used by the British Airport Authority with a regular balanced scorecard. Can we apply this to other settings? Discuss to what degree the evidence suggests the balanced scorecard approach is amenable to most organizations.

Basu, R., Little, C., Millard, C., (2009).
Case Study: A fresh approach of the Balanced Scorecard in the Heathrow Terminal 5 project. Measuring Business Excellence.
Retrieved from: http://www.perf-ex.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/T5-case-study-MBE-papaer.pdf

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The T5 project is a good example of how the principles of the balance scorecard, and not just the exact categories, can be used to enhance the probability of successful outcomes. While the T5 project used some of the traditional aspects of Kaplan and Norton's balanced scorecard, the T5 project also created new and customized areas unique to the project. This changing of the perspective categories, rather than deviating from the scorecard's principles, actually give evidence of how the principles of the scorecard can be successfully customized. All organizations can benefit from a scorecard, even if they are not traditional for-profit enterprises.


The T5 project customized the four classic perspectives of the balanced scorecard to line up with project goals and the enablers of those final outcomes. The authors of this scorecard began with the learning and growth area. This included inspection and testing plan agreement, training of supervisors and agreement on benchmarks. With these in place, the next set of measures are the business process metrics where the successful learning and growth initiatives should "cascade" or lead to the business process metrics outcomes. That is, the training and inspection standards should then result in meeting the quality standards, having the work protected and the NCRs closed. These good processes then result in being able to ...

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Your discussion is 728 words and two references and explains how the T5 project is a great example of using the principles of the balanced scorecard to map strategies to performance indicators and increase the changes of a successful outcome. The discussion explains how the principles can be adapted to virtually any organization and gives schools as another example of a non-traditional organization that can benefit.

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The Balanced Scorecard Approach

You have spent a lot of time in this course learning about the Balanced Scorecard approach. The benefit of the approach is that it requires an organization to look at, and measure its performance from multiple perspectives. You have had an opportunity to consider organizational performance from several different perspectives and tie performance to strategy. You have also had an opportunity to consider organizational dynamics in relation to implementation of a large scale project like adoption of the balanced scorecard approach.

In this module you will have an opportunity to take what you have learned and to apply it as an organizational consultant.

For this case assignment you will play the role of a consultant in presenting a case to a medium to large technology firm. A representative from the company, Sonic Technologies has contacted you and asked for you to meet with a group of company executives and to discuss how the BCS approach works in technology organizations.

Of course, it is well known that consultants are not all-knowing and that it is not uncommon to do a considerable amount of research before presenting a case to a given client. Fortunately, you came across the following document while preparing for the assignment:

Your task is to prepare an overview document that you will provide the individuals who participate in your meeting. This document should not exceed 5 pages, but should summarize the key points of the balanced scorecard process based on what you have learned this session and you need to apply what you have learned to technology organizations.

Rohm, H., Malinoski, M., Strategy based balanced scorecards for technology. Balanced Scorecard Institute. Retrieved from: http://www.balancedscorecard.org/Portals/0/PDF/Technology%20Company%20Balanced%20Scorecard%20Systems_06222010_Final.pdf

Your essay should be 4 to 5 pages long and include the following:

Introduction: In this part of your essay you will need to introduce your topic and provide a very brief overview of the key points you plan to make in your paper.

Analysis: In this section you will present the actual comparison and contrast between BAA's approach to the Balanced Scorecard and more traditional approaches.

Conclusion: Wrap up your argument with a clear and cogent synopsis of your findings. Do your best to convince your reader (aka, your professor) as to your position.

Additional Instructions: Your essay should be 3 to 4 pages in length (not counting your title page or references). You must include a title page and a list references. APA formatting is preferred. Do not paste in sections of text into your essay. All of your work must be written in your own words. It's OK to use a short quote now and again, but quotations must be in quotation marks and properly cited. In-text citations should be used anytime you are borrowing somebody else's ideas, or information. That is to say, if you are borrowing a thought from a publication from J. Neutron's article written in 2010, that section of text must be followed with (J. Neutron, 2010).

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